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Algemene FTP error's

Een overzicht van veelvoorkomende FTP error's:

- 421 Error Service not available.
- Closing control connection. The FTP program has shut down - try again later.

- 425 Error Can't open data connection.
- There is an error in the route to your sever, try again later.

- 426 Error Connection closed; transfer aborted.
- Attempt command again.

- 450 Error File not Found.
- You need to make sure the file you are trying to access is physically there.

- 451 Error File Access Denied to you
- You do not have the correct username to modify or open the file you have selected. Enter your control panel for the correct username.

- 452 Error Data Connection Closed
- Reconnect to the server.

- 453 Error Insufficient Storage
- Delete files to save space or add more space to your account in the Control panel under Account Preferences.

- 454 Error Cannot Connect to your data Socket
- Check the location you are attempting to log into.

- 500 Error Syntax error, command unrecognized.
- Attempt command again with different spelling or syntax.

- 501 Error Syntax error in parameters or arguments.
- Attempt command again with different spelling or syntax.

- 502 Error Command not implemented.
- Try once more.

- 503 Error Bad sequence of commands.
- Check commands for errors.

- 504 Error Command not implemented for that parameter.
- Check commands for errors.

- 553 Error Requested action not taken.
- File name not allowed.File name is not currently valid. Choose a different name.